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A Heart Filled with Sadness…

The tradjic shooting event that happened at Sandy Hook this past week has left my heart a little lower. Every time I watch the news and hear their stories my heart breaks and tears soon follow. I can’t even being to know what the parents of the innocent children are feeling. All I know is, I am not a parent yet- but in the process, yet I love my child with all my heart and I don’t even know who he or she is yet.  There is not a day  hour that goes by that I don’t think about them, yet I can’t put a face to my love. The thought of someone hurting my child brings out the most rage I could ever feel. With that our hearts and prayers go out to every person and family that has been affected by this terrible event. It will make me hug my child even more every time I send them off to school, or any where for that matter.

Dispite the horrible event Heroes did arise. These are the people Heroes that died selflessly to help their students. Its teachers like them I hope impact my child greatly one day! Their stories are inspiring, just take a look.

Our heart, thoughts, love and prayers go out to every innocent person affected. Please keep them in your prayers as well, and be sure to hug you lil ones not just now but more often, in this crazy world you never know what tomorrow will bring.




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